What we do

Venta is pioneering
the way you interact with your devices.

At Venta our mission is to study and evaluate handheld devices in the consumer market, to better understand how we interact with them. We rigorously test and assess how these devices are held in our hands, fit in our pockets, and ultimatley how they effect our everyday lives.

The Criteria

We hold device designers and manufacturers to the highest standards.


What is ergonomics? Ergonomcs is defined as the science that deals with designing and arranging things so that people can use them easily and safely.


How the product is held by our hands, how it feels on our fingers, how it nestles to our ear.

Our Lives

On average people check their handheld devices 150 times a day. How do they fit in out pocket, bag, purse etc?


What materials is the device produced out of, how can these materials effect you.

Our Partners