New York City Transit – Miniature Countdown Clocks

New York City Transit – Miniature Countdown Clocks

Created miniature subway countdown clocks inspired by the MTA’s full size clocks featured in stations throughout the system. Realtime data feeds are from the MTA’s own subway time app and are set by station to display arrival times. Other features include an information bar on the bottom showing the current time, weather conditions, and temperature. And status messages / updates scrolling through the bottom of the screen. These scrolling messages can be customized.

Download files from GitHub

View DIY tutorial on reddit

Currently the MTA provides realtime data for these lines:

Disclaimer: This project is not affiliated, endorsed or in any way supported by the MTA. All rights, copyrights, trademarks, symbols, and logos belong to the MTA (Metropolitan Transportation Authority) or to their respective owners. This is a personal not for profit project. If you have any thoughts or concerns please contact me here.

New York City Transit – Miniature Countdown Clocks 2017


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